Shane Morrisby, DAS.

DAS Milestone Learning Portal

♦ DAS Milestone Learning Portal – Dicker Data DAS distributes Milestone Systems, which offers the Milestone Learning portal for further support.

Milestone Learning portal is an insightful tool allowing Milestone users to explore role specific trainings, certifications, instructor-led classes, and all eLearning courses in categorial order.

The portal offers over 60 free courses that provides insight into Milestone solutions, including tailored training options, hands-on online classes with expert instructors, video tutorials and operator trainings for Smart Client end users.

eLearning tools for Milestone’s bestsellers like Milestone XProtect are also available for both intermediate and advanced users looking to improve their installation experience. These tools include configuring and using XProtect Access and Smart Wall add-ons, using XProtect RapidReview, operating XProtect Incident Manager and more.

Participants then utilise Milestone’s online certification assessments to strengthen their expertise in design, installation, and configuration of Milestone solutions which simplifies solving future challenges within key verticals.

According to Milestone product manager from DAS Shane Morrisby, all Milestone customers and partners can benefit from the portal’s vast supply of learning materials.

“With the Milestone Learning portal, DAS customers can access an extensive range of educational resources at the push of a button,” Morrisby said.

“They leverage these resources to get the most out of their Milestone solution and see an overall growth in their business.”

Check out the Milestone Learning portal here.

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