GSA Distributing Nedap

GSA Distributing Nedap – GSA Systems is now an official distributor of Nedap products, including Nedap long-range RFID readers and tags for vehicle identification.

“Nedap is the leading specialist in systems for long-range identification, wireless vehicle detection and city access control,” said GSA’s Glenn Opray. “We’re delighted to be offering this capable range of products and solutions to our installer and integrator customers.”

Nedap products include the Transit semi-active RFID system, the uPASS UHF RFID system, ANPR LUMO, Access V2 Short-range and Access V2 long range, SENSIT wireless smart parking sensors, MOOV – a dedicated platform for vehicles access control, NVITE multi-technology reader for driver identification, as well as a range of tag options.

To find out more about the Nedap range of products or to receive a quote for your next project, contact GSA Systems or click here.

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