IDIS Solution Suite

♦ IDIS Solution Suite – IDIS Solution Suite from DAS leverages its scalable VMS allows users to view multiple cameras from one screen.

According to DAS’ IDIS business development manager, Rick Noto, IDIS Solution Suite is the most powerful enterprise-class IDIS VMS yet, with new features and service modules designed to increase domain awareness, efficient response coordination, and speed up investigations without annual licence fees or OPEX burdens.

“ISS supports 4K live and maximum of 1024 channels whilst recording at 30ips,” Noto said. “What’s more, its intuitive GUI makes operating the analytics and surveillance features swift and efficient. New analytics to ISS include person match, event audio centre, and edge data synchronisation.

“The IDIS Solution Suite is so proactive for viewing, scanning and extracting footage for further action – it ultimately adds next-level intelligence to the entire IDIS installation.”

“There’s a vast number of functions available for businesses to configure and scale, such as ISS direct storage access for direct playback and search via HDDs or SD cards or modifying the server’s recording during emergencies with panic recording.”

You can find out more about ISS here.

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