PIRAMID XL-MIL Dual Tech Sensor

♦ PIRAMID XL-MIL Dual Tech Sensor – PIRAMID XL-MIL and XL-HS detectors, distributed locally by Perimeter Systems Australia, are designed for use high security applications such as military bases, correctional facilities and nuclear power plants.

PIRAMID XL-MIL and XL-HS combine PROTECH’s proprietary stereo Doppler microwave technology with a dual element passive infrared sensor to deliver 15 x 15m or a 3 x 30m detection patterns. The independent sensor modules have a digital logical AND meaning both sensors must activate simultaneously to generate an alarm event.

The PIRAMID XL-HS sensor has an anti-masking snout (an installed satellite PCB) to prevent attempts to mask any portion of the sensor. If either of the sensors is blocked, the sensor will lock itself into a constant alarm condition until masking is removed.

The PIRAMID XL-MIL offers high POD (probability of detection) of greater than 0.95 yet has a low NAR/FAR (nuisance alarm rate/false alarm rate). And the high security versions of the PIRAMID offer enhanced detection capability for slow moving, fast moving and crawling intruders.

On the technical side, input voltage is 8.5-20V DC with a consumption of 15mA at 12V DC. Operating temperature range is froom -40C to 70C and there’s relay contact capacity.

Housing dimensions are 16.5cm long x 13.3cm wide x 8.5cm high and cap dimensions are 23.5cm long x 15.25cm wide x 11cm high. Factory setting microwave frequencies are 10.525GHz in the U.S. and 10.587GHz, 9.90 GHz and 9.47 GHz globally.

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