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DAS Announces 7-Year Tecom Warranty

DAS Announces 7-Year Tecom Warranty

♦ DAS Announces 7-Year Tecom Warranty – Following Aritech’s updated warranty policy on Tecom Challenger hardware, DAS is backing it with an additional 2 years.

According to DAS head of product, James Layton, DAS has built a legacy for over 30 years selling, training, and supporting Aritech products and can easily provide an inimitable level of expertise at every stage.

“Tecom installers can leverage the DAS technical support team for help on identifying serial numbers and manufacture dates of their Challenger products and if needed the DAS service and repairs team is ready to assess the faulty unit, manage the warranty for the whole process, and even help the installer on site,” Layton said.

“What’s more, DAS will offer an additional 2 years of warranty to customers who purchase Tecom products from us – extending warranty to 7 years.”

Layton said DAS had over 50 fully trained and certified staff spread across sales, trade counter, technical support, pre-sales, post-sales and training teams.

“We give our customers the best possible knowledge and support at all stages of their Tecom journey with DAS,” Layton said.

“We’re also growing our technical support team to provide the best customer service experience possible, which means customers can expect reduced waiting times, issues resolved on the spot and an overall elevated experience that reflects the DAS standard.”

For Tecom warranty support and claims, contact DAS.

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