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DAS Distributing Alula

DAS Distributing Alula

♦ DAS Distributing Alula – DAS is distributing Alula, a smart wireless alarm and automation solution designed specifically for professional alarm installers.

Alula offers fast and easy solutions to install smart security systems. Its mission is to grow professional alarm installers and integrators’ profitability with efficient security empowered by video capability, a modern Slimline Touchpad, and a 5G-ready cellular communicator.

Alula’s products and services are designed to be easy to learn, and fast to install and operate efficiently. The BAT-Connect system is a communicator engineered for professional security dealers and integrators. BAT-Connect is universal and equipped with LTE-M cellular technology, automatic panel detection and smartphone-controlled capability for advanced efficiency.

Alula’s BAT-Connect integrates with trusted panels in the Australian market including Caddx, Reliance and NetworX (NX).
Other key communication and surveillance solutions offered by Alula include the RE667W-R Pro touchpad, Outdoor 1080p HD bullet camera, CAM-DB-JS1 video doorbell camera, and more.

“Alula brings the old into the new – that’s why it fits in the DAS portfolio,” said Jeff Corr from Dicker Data DAS. “Specifically, Alula’s BAT-Connect pairs well with the Reliance R8, R12 and R128 panels via dialler capture.

“As a proud distributor of Reliance and now Alula, we’re essentially able to update the Reliance panel to the 21st century thanks to Alula’s communication platform allowing installers to revitalise still functional but outdated home alarm systems.”

Charlie Stokes said the Alula range could be integrated with the existing DAS range to offer considerable flexibility.

“At DAS, we’re using key components of Alula products to improve future options for integrators, allowing them to achieve home automation through our wide portfolio, expertise and valuable services,” Stokes said.

Certification is required to purchase Alula – click here  to get started.

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