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Diebold And Seenex Link


“Diebold is well-known in the financial services industry for its integrated security solutions,” said Bartholomew J. Frazzitta, vice president of Security at Diebold. “We are looking to expand our offerings and grow our business in the federal government market. We conducted a thorough review of the top physical security solutions providers and identified Seenex and its range of industry-proven products from Tonali to support our growing business. Now we can offer customers a new range of products that expands our presence in the global security industry.”

Seenex and Diebold have created a security test and training center in Canton, Ohio, to serve as a demonstration facility for both companies. A training facility has also been created for Diebold’s national sales and service organizations. And as part of the relationship, the two companies have also established a national service network to provide fast and reliable customer service. This service network is based on the Diebold national service system and the Seenex Services Group, a Washington, D.C.-based service support organization providing ongoing technical training.



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