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Connect with Bosch’s Remote Security Control Plus App


BOSCH’S new Remote Security Control Plus (RSC+) app for Solution 2000 and 3000 will be available this month for iOS and AndroidOS devices. 

The new app builds on the existing features of Remote Security Control in order to provide an experience that sets new standards in notification, intuitive control, and ease-of-use. When used with the new B426-M and B450-M Cloud Connect communications modules, the RSC+ app becomes simplistic to setup – simply plug the panel into an existing network connection or insert an active data SIM, enable cloud connect, then scan the onboard QR code to get the panel online. 

There is no need for IP addressing or complicated configuration of ports on the router – if there’s an internet connection, you’ll be able to get online instantly. For adding more users, it’s simply a case of scanning a QR code and entering your passcode. Each user of RSC+ app is able to receive push notifications from one or multiple panels which they can configure so that they are only seeing what matters to them. 

Once you log in to the panel via the app, you can read the full panel history and see what’s been going on while you’re not around. Arm or disarm your alarm panel, see the status of your sensors and isolate them if required, or control up to 20 outputs devices connected to your panel such as garage doors or heating systems – all of these things are available within the RSC+ app the moment your panel is connected. Both new and existing users or Solution 2000 & 3000 can benefit from the new features of RSC+. For existing users, it’s as simple as updating the firmware on both your panel and communications module. Remote connectivity has never been this easy. ♦

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Contact: 1300 1 BOSCH (26724)

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