Privacy Policy

SEN respects the privacy of individuals' personal information. Accordingly, in addition to our obligations in relation to IPND data, whenever we collect and handle other personal information, we will do so in accordance with the National Privacy Principles. Your personal information is collected for the purpose of publishing and maintaining our hardcopy and online directories.

We may occasionally use your personal information to contact you in order to confirm the currency of that information. You may always ask us not to contact you or for your personal information to be removed from our system. You can contact us via our website, over the phone, via fax, email, or mail to request that we remove your personal information from our system and directories. If you are contacting us on behalf of a business, we will require evidence that you have the authority to contact us on behalf of that business (such as a letter on company letterhead). Once we have received your request, we will endeavour to remove your personal information from our system and our online directories within 24 hours.

Personal information we collect is not disclosed to any third parties for any purposes which would result in misuse.

If you have any questions regarding SEN handling of personal information please do not hesitate to contact the Team Phone 02 9280 4425.

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