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DAS Delivers BriefCam


DAS Delivers BriefCam

DAS Delivers BriefCam – Available at DAS, BriefCam accelerates efficiency and innovation to video analytics software.

According to DAS’ group manager for surveillance, Anitha Bellary, BriefCam empowers people, companies, and communities to realise the value of video footage through innovative analytics powered by advanced technologies.

“BriefCam invented Video Synopsis, an algorithm that enables the rapid review of video footage and is the key feature of products like the file-based platform, BriefCam Investigator,” Bellary said.

“With BriefCam’s Video Synopsis, users can comb through footage across 28 different adjustable attributes and dramatically improve post-event investigations by analysing hours of video in minutes – resulting in a reliable source of concise video metadata.

According to Bellary, reviewing footage is also simplified with BriefCam’s comprehensive video content analytics platform which offers exponential value from surveillance camera installations.

“The platform complements the installed surveillance system by making video content searchable, actionable, and quantifiable,” Bellary said. “It also provides key insights for accelerating investigations, increasing situational awareness, and enhancing operational intelligence and through comprehensive and tailored video surveillance, BriefCam helps streamline operations and empowers businesses to improve their solutions and experiences.”

Meanwhile, BriefCam’s product manager from DAS, Orlando Chiang, explained that BriefCam can help clients prevent crime, enforce safety regulation compliances, understand consumer behaviour, and more.

“DAS offers BriefCam licenses ideal for applications requiring data-driven, actionable insights,” Chiang said.

You can learn more about BriefCam here.

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