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Inner Range Integriti Real-Time Location Systems

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Inner Range real time location systems technology (RTLS) is incorporated into Integriti V21 and empowers operators and managers to track assets and individuals fast by displaying their current location.

In order to establish the connection, a tag or transmitter is carried by an individual, or placed on an asset. RTLS are often used in high security environments like hospitals, government infrastructure, museums or correctional facilities. These systems allow security operators to accurately maintain the status and location of people (visitors, patients, ‘mandown’) or assets (artwork, valuable equipment) in real-time.

In Integriti V21, the RTLS integration allows operators to perform actions based on the location of the designated asset or person. RTLS assets are associated with an RTLS tag. They can either be standalone items representing physical objects (such as equipment trolleys or other physical assets), or associated with a person to represent the position of that individual in the RTLS system.

Duress is a common situation where RTLS has benefits. A user can press a button on the tag to raise a duress event and Integriti knows exactly where the user is. Guards gain better situational awareness when actioning the event, because they know where the user is now, not just where they were when the button was pressed.

Operators can also set up existing or customised presets to locate an associated individual or asset. RTLS assets are easily viewed by any integrated video surveillance device that has a Field of View (FOV) covering the asset’s location. When the asset has moved to a different system area or location, a view of the RTLS asset’s current position can be listed.

Integriti can also restrict integrated devices retrieved through area or location to only include the integrated devices that can physically see the current position of the RTLS asset, ensuring only the most relevant CCTV streams are shown.

RTLS status updates and location monitoring can be viewed on Integriti’s existing graphical interface alongside other items such as CCTV cameras and doors. The Integriti user can then utilise location information to perform manual actions such as triggering CCTV cameras, controlling doors or making announcements over an integrated PA system in the area.

When a RTLS tracked asset or individual moves, their position is logged. This enables reports to be generated through the Integriti review function. These new RTLS reports are generated in the same format as area or location reports currently run through review, which allows the data to be easily merged and filtered.

You can find out more about Integriti V.21 and RTLS from Inner Range on +61 3 9780 4300 or by contacting the team at sales@innerrange.com


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