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Norman Looking Forward to SecTech Camera Shootout, Bloody Annoyed By Travel Arrangements


PROFESSIONAL camera test target, Norman from Tavcom, says while he’s looking forward to the next SecTech Camera Shootout (sponsored by CSD and Milestone Systems pre-register here), in Sydney at 3pm next Tuesday May 15, he found the trip to Melbourne in the back of a Western Star semi-trailer wasn’t up to the usual standards.

“Last year I drove to Melbourne in a Subaru Forester – it wasn’t perfectly clean but at least it had a 5-Star NCAP rating,” Norman sniffed. “Driving overnight on Friday was a real trial – it was cold from Mittagong onwards and the truck driver wouldn’t stop outside Gundagai to let me see the Dog on the Tucker Box.

“Making matters worse, Ronnie got out of his crate and kept trying to break into the Honeywell pallet to see whether Honeywell cameras are made in the USA or OEM – he had no chance of getting through the plastic wrap but just would not stop trying – it was infuriating.”

According to Norman, the long straight stretches of motorway between Albury and Melbourne gave him an opportunity to think about how he would handle SecTech Camera Shootout.

Dogs fundamentally better than People
Dogs fundamentally better than people…

“I’d like to spice things up this year, instead of just standing around expecting visitors to make up their own minds about which cameras are doing best in the various conditions,” Norman said.

“What I’m hoping is that Tas will use me for the Imagus face recognition test – I know it’s a big responsibility but I’m sure I can keep a straight face for a couple of minutes, anyway.”

Norman spent the weekend before SecTech Sydney at the Thoroughbred Motel in Randwick and said that while the beds seemed a little sway-backed the service wasn’t bad.



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