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Panasonic Launches i-PRO Extreme Gen 2

Panasonic has launched its next generation i-PRO Extreme surveillance technology platform, a native end-to-end H.265 system designed to maximise the performance and cost-effectiveness of video surveillance systems, whilst protecting against cyber security threats. 

The new platform will be rolled-out across a new line-up of Panasonic cameras, recorders and video management software (VMS) in 2017, delivering advanced enhancements in image quality, data compression and security, reliability and embedded intelligence. 

“The i-PRO Extreme will meet our Australian customers’ needs for high quality surveillance imaging while lowering bandwidth requirements, reducing data storage expenditure and protecting their data – vital in today’s demanding and ever changing business environment. This demonstrates our commitment to offering integrated solutions that provide maximum ROI for our customers,” said Daniel Sultana, national sales manager, security, Panasonic Australia.

According to Sultana, the i-PRO Extreme platform has been launched in the Australian market in response to the rising need for companies to store significantly more data at a lower cost and reduce bandwidth requirements, which the platform ensures by reducing streaming and storage by approximately 50 per cent over the H.264 industry standard. It’s estimated that by the year 2020, accumulated data will grow to 44 trillion gigabytes, creating global pressure to find effective solutions.

“Australian businesses are also increasingly looking to the Internet of Things (IoT) to help protect valuable operations – from warehouses and factories to city infrastructure assets – requiring sophisticated surveillance technologies to detect physical theft and vandalism,” Sultana said. “However, the uptake of these IoT devices has made businesses more vulnerable to cyber security threats – with the potential of a $A14 billion damage bill over the next decade for Australasian cities.”

The Panasonic i-PRO Extreme range of cameras also provide a highly secure protection layer and robust authentication to guard against cyber threat with a PC-level IP data security suite via Panasonic Secure Communication technology, and Symantec Device Certificates. ♦

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