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Xtralis Introduces HeiTel XOh SecurityPlus Software


XTRALIS has introduced the HeiTel XOh SecurityPlus Remotely Programmable Operating System, available on a new line of high-performance RMGs — the HeiTel CamDisc E, CamDisc+ E, and HeiTel ipVG.

HeiTel XOh is specifically tuned for end users requiring up to 10 analogue or IP cameras and 8 video content analytics on the same system. Running exclusively on the new HeiTel CamDisc E, CamDisc+ E, and ipVG RMGs, XOh software features seamless connectivity to external detectors, newly embedded IntrusionTrace motion detection video content analytics, remote video verification, unbreakable transmission over any network, and rapid response capabilities. 

A single new CamDisc+ E running XOh can stream 10 IP/analog cameras for remote monitoring while simultaneously running award-winning IntrusionTrace video analytics available on up to 4 of those channels, for sterile zone perimeter protection. 

A compact CamDisc E RMG offers up to 4 channels of streaming video while simultaneously running up to 4 IntrusionTrace analytics. To learn more about the HeiTel XOh-enabled portfolio of RMGs, visit www.xtralis.com/XOh.

Distributor: Hills 
Contact: 1800 685 487



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