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Agent Vi Releases innoVi Cloud Analytics

Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi) has released innoVi, a cloud-based video analytics Software as a Service (SaaS). innoVi initially includes a variety of real-time video analytics applications designed to analyze video captured by surveillance cameras and automatically detect and alert for security breaches.
innoVi is based on Agent Vi's patented image processing architecture that distributes the image processing task between an edge device and a server. By employing Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cloud infrastructure, no dedicated servers are required on site for video analytics. Agent Vi’s architecture eliminates the need to stream video to the cloud, making the solution capable of handling low bandwidth environments and allowing an unlimited number of cameras in multiple remote locations.

The initial innoVi offering includes a set of features developed specifically to meet the needs of Central Monitoring Stations (CMS), allowing them to scale their monitoring operations with ease and flexibility and increase the level of security and incident response provided to their customers. innoVi is offered at an affordable pay-per-use monthly fee model, saving on the capital costs typically associated with video analytics installations.
"innoVi is set to revolutionize the video surveillance industry, starting with the CMS market and gradually expanding to additional verticals,” says Itsik Kattan, CEO, Agent Vi. “Agent Vi’s patented software architecture, which enables the leveraging of cloud computing without the requirement to stream video to the cloud, allows us to easily introduce additional capabilities such as video search, business intelligence and Big Data applications.” ♦

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