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Australian Aviation Security Identity Card Details Hacked


AVIATION Security Identity Cards (ASICs) designed to manage authorisation for sterile zone access at Australian airports may have been the subject of a major security hack.

Aviation ID Australia, which services regional and rural airports, sent emails to hundreds of ASICS applicants recently advising them that their ASIC application information have been compromised.

“Aviation ID Australia…advise that a localised portion of our website has been intentionally accessed by an unauthorised entity,” Aviation ID Australia managing director Ian Barker said.

“Unfortunately, we cannot confirm exactly what information has been accessed, however, personal information that may have been breached includes name, street address, birth certificate number, drivers licence number, Medicare card number and ASIC number.”

Meanwhile, the Australian Federal Police are investigating.

“The AFP can confirm it is investigating a potential breach of the Aviation ID Australia website,” an AFP spokeswoman told the ABC. “While the investigation remains ongoing, it is not appropriate to provide further details.”



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