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Australian Department of Defence Seeks Access Control for Multiple Sites

AUSTRALIA’S Department of Defence is seeking various access control, doors, gates and barrier solutions for multiple sites across Victoria. 
The scope of works of this project involves the upgrade of several electrical and physical security components across several Department of Defence bases. The upgrades include security access control systems, armoury upgrades with regard to doors, doors and respective hardware, security detection systems, and access control gate works.

The Australian Department of Defence is charged with the responsibility to defend Australia and its national interests. The department forms part of the Australian Defence Organisation (ADO) along with the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Australia's DoD employs 66,000, has an annual budget of $A32.5 billion.

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) consists of the 3 uniformed armed forces: Royal Australian Navy (RAN), Australian Army (Army), Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). There are also joint forces commands including the Joint Operations Command (JOC), Joint Logistics Command, and Joint Health Command.

The tender closes on July 12, 2017. ♦



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