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Australian IVA Developer Snap Scores Milestone Certification

MILESTONE Systems’ partner Snap Surveillance has achieved the status of Milestone Certified Solution with its integration to XProtect Corporate IP video management software (VMS).

Snap’s user interface (UI) software automatically finds relationships between the camera fields of view — both overlap and near overlap. It then presents the camera network to the user in a variety of ways that reduce information overload, according to the company.

The solution uses video analytics on individual video streams as a pre-processing step (to determine scene occupancy), then processes the occupancy signals from across the camera network in concert to determine the inter-camera relationships.

Milestone says certifying this software integration provides the assurance that the solution functions, operates, performs and easily integrates with Milestone XProtect VMS.

“As a relatively new entrant into the global security sector, Snap draws significant value from working with a market leader in Milestone, and being an active partner within the Milestone Open Community… Having our solution certified is an important validation for Milestone integrators and end users of our software — they can be confident in the reliability, stability and performance of the integrated solution,” says Simon Langsford, CEO, Snap Surveillance.

Established in September 2009 and based in Adelaide, South Australia, Snap’s core technology has been commercialized from world-leading research in large-scale video surveillance undertaken between 2005 and 2009 in the Australian Centre for Visual Technologies (ACVT). 

Snap’s technology focuses on a camera network as a whole, rather than applying computer vision techniques to individual cameras in isolation. This results in software with the ability to automatically learn the relationships between cameras across the network, and to apply this knowledge of the network topology in generating a simple, robust and intuitive video pursuit tool for security operators.

Snap Force Multiplier (FMx) was first released in 2012 and was named Best Product at ASIAL’s Security 2012 trade show. It complements the standard functionality of modern Video Management Systems and helps deliver more value from security systems – making operators more productive in managing video evidence, and more effective at live incident tracking.

Led by CTO, Dr Henry Detmold, the Snap engineering team continues to develop the product and expand support for Video Management Systems, which currently include Milestone XProtect, Honeywell’s DVM500, Genetec Security Center, Avigilon Control Center and DVTel Latitude NVMS. ♦

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