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Axis Releases New Zippier Zipstream

Axis Communications has released a new version of Zipstream that dynamically adjusts frame rate, instantly adapting to any changes in the scene, making it more capable of supporting edge and cloud applications. 

The latest enhancement Axis’ excellent Zipstream technology includes the concept of dynamic frames per second to optimize the video stream's bit rate as an addition to the concepts of dynamic region of interest and dynamic group of pictures being used in existing Zipstream technology. Users have full control over the settings and can customize Zipstream to optimally meet their specific video surveillance needs.

“Since being introduced over a year ago, Axis’ Zipstream technology has been very successful in the market and has received many industry awards,” said Fredrik Nilsson, VP, Americas, Axis Communications, Inc. “With the release of this enhanced version of Zipstream we were able to meet market demand and provide even more storage and bandwidth savings.”

Axis’ Zipstream technology with dynamic frame rate is planned to be available in July 2016. ♦


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