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BGWT Talks i-Pro S Series PTZ

BGWT Talks i-Pro S Series PTZ.

BGWT – Talks i-Pro S Series PTZ Camera.

BGWT Talks i-Pro S – Distributed by BGW Technologies, the i-PRO S Series PTZ offers users an appealing answer to many challenges faced by end users and their operators, including stabilisation at longer focal lengths.

“Accurately identifying people and vehicles and applying a multitude of attributes to the object, the S series PTZ is enabled with AI automatic tracking on board as a standard feature, meaning that it can automatically detect, zoom in on and track intruders, while alerting operators to possible incidents and ensuring the tracked object is kept in view automatically, for both live and playback requirements,” said BGW Technologies’ Mark Shannon.

“Added to this, the camera’s object detection capabilities and the plethora of attribute classifications also helps remove the fear of missing events or the need to be constantly viewing each camera. Importantly, the PTZ cameras can perform these analytics on all presets, not just the home preset, separating it from others in the market.”

BGWT Talks i-Pro S Camera

“While the AI feature ensures no tracked object is missed, the point of difference with the performance of this range of PTZ cameras, is twofold. One, they can perform a rapid search on their extensive library of object attributes on all presets, and two, their image stabilisation technology is second to none,” said Shannon.

“Obtaining accuracy in surveillance situations due to shaky images when high-magnification zoom is at play is a real problem. To combat this issue, i-PRO has developed PTZ cameras equipped with technology to detect physical and image shaking and to correct it.

“i-PRO offers the highest standard across the industry to withstand high-speed and high-frequency camera movement picture correction in the S series PTZ cameras with AI. It’s quite impressive to see.

“As with all i-PRO camera’s, the S series natively integrates to all major VMS platforms including Milestone and the power of Active Guard impressively enhances the experience,” Shannon explained.

“Many of our team are ex-installers and integrators, so we understand the challenges faced with surveillance product choice on big projects and we can help.”

To learn more about i-PRO’s S series PTZ cameras with AI and how BGW Technologies can assist you with your next project, get in touch with your local BGWT branch here or read more SEN news here.

BGWT Talks i-Pro S – This PTZ Features:

  • Colour night vision
  • ClearSight coating,
  • IP66, IP67 and IK10 certified
  • 40x optical zoom
  • Super Dynamic 144dB
  • Built in FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified Secure Element
  • NDAA compliant.

“BGWT Talks i-Pro S PTZ camera.”

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BGWT Talks i-Pro S PTZ camera.


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