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Bluechip Partnership With Ava Security


Bluechip Partnership With Ava Security

Bluechip Partnership With Ava Security – Bluechip Infotech has entered into a new partnership with Ava Security, a Motorola Solutions company, to distribute its cloud-native video security solution throughout Australia.

Bluechip will distribute Ava’s cloud video security solution that leverages machine learning to provide insights in real time via the data management system, Ava Aware, which connects its cloud-based analytics to pre-existing cameras and their cloud-connected cameras.

The Ava Aware platform can also add AI-powered intelligence to existing CCTV systems helping users to detect threats, human or vehicle and raising alerts to respond in real-time.

According to Bluechip’s sales director, Rob Jarvis, Ava Aware increases security efficiency, streamlines forensics and searches, and provides valuable operational insights and data beyond traditional video security systems. With Aware, users can manage devices and security across sites with simple web and mobile-based interfaces accessible from anywhere without additional plugins or configurations.

“Ava is the perfect partner to collaborate with and accelerate the convergence of the traditional IP surveillance market into a full cloud based smart surveillance ecosystem,” said Jarvis.

“Ava cloud-based video analytics is one of the most intuitive solutions in the market that bring ease of access, search specific footage and can be viewed via a cloud application anywhere in the world.”

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