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Milesight 5G AI Pro Bullet Camera First Impressions

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Milesight 5G AI Pro Bullet Camera First Impressions Huge Optical Range.

Milesight 5G AI Pro Bullet Camera First Impressions – I unboxed the Milesight 5G AI Pro Bullet camera earlier in the week and given I was in the country with great depth of field it would have been silly not to get the camera set up for a squiz.

Regular readers will remember that this camera has a 1/1.8th-inch Starvis starlight sensor with 2MP resolution and 12x optical zoom via motorised 5.3-64mm lens with autofocus. Supporting this monster focal length is integrated IR with a range of 180 metres.

Given our regular test environment is a jumbled inner-city suburb, being out in the sticks with the Milesight Pro Bullet promised to be plenty of fun. I set the camera up looking out over the creek at the bottom of the hill then across the lucerne flats to the river – at least 400 metres from lens. Note that these images are not full resolution – those files were 13Mb .pngs.

The first challenge, however, was to tweak the camera’s default IP address into local range from a Wi-Fi network running on Starlink. Achieving this involved a pair of laptops, one to access the camera and the other to re-address the local network and then return it to original range after the camera had been found and re-addressed. During this fun process one laptop was kicked off the re-ranged network and needed to be manually re-addressed.

Once this was sorted out, we were into Milesight’s camera browser, which is a capable interface that I’m finding increasingly intuitive. After playing about with settings I selected primary stream (1920 x 1080) and sat back to consider. Colour is strong. Depth of field is excellent – it goes on and on. The autofocus mounts an excellent chase as you shift focal point.

The camera is a day/night specialist and it’s designed for serious reach. Does it deliver? It certainly does. At the long end I’m pushing across the Fish River and can make out the old track more than half a kilometre from the lens. That’s crazy good performance for a camera with a standard form factor that weighs only half a kilo.

Something to note is that the zoomed images here are secondary streams – they’re only 640 x 480 pixels – the 1920 x 1080 images I was viewing live are much sharper. The reason for this switch from the primary stream to a secondary stream is that with my initial settings choice when I zoomed in and then re-focused, the camera automatically hopped back to full wide and secondary stream – primary needed to be selected again.

Later on I found night performance is strong, too, though there’s some flare closer in and the colossal focal range of the camera made it very hard to decide where IR light ended and moonlight kicked in. We’re going to need to do some measurements for our night time test to get around this – stand by for our full review in SEN!

You can see the specifications of the Milesight Pro bullet here or read more SEN news here.

“Milesight 5G AI Pro Bullet Camera First Impressions Huge Optical Range.”


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