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Bosch Professional Series TriTech

Bosch Professional Series TriTech Alarm Sensor.

Bosch Professional Series TriTech Alarm Sensor.

Bosch Professional Series TriTech – Bosch’s Professional Series TriTech is an 18 x 24 metre dual technology sensor designed for commercial indoor applications.

The sensor’s supervised microwave and PIR with sensor data fusion technology ensures that the detectors send alarm conditions based on precise information, while tri-focus optics eliminate coverage gaps and respond efficiently to intruders.

This sensor has a self-locking 2-piece enclosure, a built-in bubble level, flexible mounting height, and 3 optional mounting brackets that simplify installation and reduce service time.

Bosch Professional Series TriTech Alarm Sensor

There’s microwave anti-mask, active white light suppression, RFI immunity, field selectable coverage (18m x 25m or 8m x 10m), dynamic temperature compensation; draft, insect, and small animal immunity; remote self-test, NC contact input power supervision, trouble memory, and cloak and camouflage detection technology.

Dimensions are 136mm (height) x 69mm (width) x 58mm (depth) and operating temperature is -29C to 55C, while protection ratings are IP41, IK04 (EN 60529, EN 50102).

You can find out more about sourcing Bosch’s capable sensors here or read more SEN news here.

Bosch Professional Series TriTech Features

  • TriTech, PIR and microwave movement detector
  • Active infrared anti-mask
  • 18m x 25m or 8m x 10m coverage
  • Sensor data fusion technology
  • Tri-focus optics technology
  • Range adaptive radar
  • Active white light suppression
  • Dynamic temperature compensation
  • Cover and wall tamper switch
  • Self-adjusting LED
  • Remote walk test LED
  • Solid state relays
  • Draft, insect, and small animal immunity
  • Input power supervision
  • Cloak and Camouflage Detection Technology.

“Bosch Professional Series TriTech Alarm Sensor.”

Bosch Professional Series TriTech 2 LR
Bosch Professional Series TriTech.


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