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Bosch Remote Portal: First Impressions

Bosch Remote Portal is a powerful free tool for integrators, technicians and end users that allows remote access, management and viewing of Bosch cameras in a way that makes more sense than ever before.

BOSCH’S Remote Portal is at the heart of a suite of very clever solutions that act as a bridge between installers, customers and their solutions. Software solutions can often seem intimidating – there can be layer upon layer of rabbit holes down which to conceptually fall. Remote Portal is a different animal entirely.

Unsurprisingly for a Bosch product, Remote Portal feels and behaves like a mature engineering solution – it’s entire focus is about putting people and technology together with the lowest possible touch rate. Wherever you look with Remote Portal there are operational features that make life easier for every stakeholder by enhancing system operation and site security. Within Remote Portal, the Remote Connect, Remote Alert and Remote Maintenance functions are all free services.

My experience of Bosch Remote Portal came with a broadside of Bosch cameras in a large cardboard box. Given we usually test a camera at a time here at SEN, this seemed daunting. But in practise, Remote Portal made all those issues go away – it’s designed to swallow hardware and deliver functionalities – not only to installers but to service techs and end users, too.

At a base level, Remote Portal is a cloud-based solution designed to connect, maintain and manage devices via the Internet. While it’s possible to wrangle large numbers of cameras, smaller applications are its forte. When applied to such applications – including enterprise SMEs – it breaks down barriers between installers, end users and their devices in a secure way that extends lashings of value-add in all directions.

Best of all, core elements of Remote Portal are free for installers and their customers, allowing access to cameras via multiple apps and tools to deliver management of devices, reporting of health, upgrades of firmware, as well as serving up remote operational capabilities for customers. Sweet, too, Remote Portal can be managed by installers, who can create and manage customer applications, while authorising access for tech support on the fly. See the full review in SEN‘s August issue.

Features of Bosch Remote Portal:

* Sign-up is simple and at no cost
* Easy to add users via portal roles (admin, technician, customer)
* Secure connection, strong encryption and authentication
* Installed base overview, connectivity state in browser, access for configuration
* Simple management of clients devices for their viewing benefits
* Upgrade to services like IVA Counting, In Store Analytics, Cloud-based monitoring
* One password to maintain all sites.
* Full Database /Health notifications – Faster response times, helps with SLA, maintenance repairs
* Maintain latest firmware for security reasons – without visiting site. Instant notifications FW update
* Backup/restore configurations on camera devices.


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