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Tecom ChallengerLEPlus First Impressions

Tecom ChallengerLEPlus First Impressions Pre-Installation At SEN.

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Tecom ChallengerLEPlus First Impressions Pre-Installation At SEN.

Tecom ChallengerLEPlus First Impressions – ChallengerLEPlus is a tried and tested access control and intrusion solution designed for SME applications while offering all the usual features you’d expect from a Tecom system.

Recently DAS’ Jhim Adobo brought a Tecom ChallengerLEPlus kit into the SEN office for us to have a go at installing – this first look saw Adobo do some cabling up, run through the core features and explain how everything fits together.

ChallengerLEPlus is designed to be affordable, capable, compact and cost-effective. Importantly, though, the system includes big features you really want, including native Ethernet, mobile app support, C-Bus integration, 3G and 4G expansion module support and management software connectivity.

These expansion and comms capabilities give ChallengerLEPlus gravitas when it comes to remote management, secure reporting and system expansion.

Tecom Challenger LE First Impressions 3 LR
Tecom ChallengerLEPlus First Impressions.

ChallengerLEPlus also offers a secure, encrypted connection to a monitoring station via UltraSync, as well as a mobile app that gives you push notifications and the ability to manage and control your system wherever you happen to be.

Tecom ChallengerLEPlus First Impressions

The key takeaway for me watching Adobo set the system up at the SEN office was speed at which everything happened. It was quick and setting up in software was superfast, too.

This kit has 2 doors and 8 alarm inputs – there are a couple of sensors to hand, but we didn’t play with them. Instead, the focus was standing the system up with a door programmed, the system on the SEN network and workstation and the app functioning on my phone.

Tecom Challenger LE First Impressions 2 LR
Tecom ChallengerLEPlus First Impressions.

What struck me was just how quickly all that took place. Adobo knows exactly what he’s doing being a Tecom trainer but the underlying simplicity of this solution was on display.

In part because Tecom has a long history it’s easy not to appreciate how much work has been done recently to shape the latest Tecom solutions for modern requirements – but shaped they certainly are.

Tecom ChallengerLEPlus First Impressions

Getting the system into a networked environment was easy, downloading the app and connecting up was a snap. Throughout the process it was surprising to note just how slick the interfaces were. This is a capable solution that well and truly stacks up in SME applications while offering the dependability installers and end users associate with Tecom Challenger solutions.

Stand by for SEN’s full review of Tecom ChallengerLEPlus coming up soon! You can read the full specifications here or find more SEN news here.

Tecom ChallengerLEPlus Features

  • UltraSync connectivity
  • On-board Ethernet, USB and RS-232 with optional 3G/4G expansion module for ultimate connectivity
  • Communications with options for redundant reporting to monitoring stations, management software and third-party systems
  • Small form factor
  • Connect to the TecomPlus app for simple and convenient control, including push notifications
  • High-level integration to building automation (C-Bus)
  • Full text descriptions of panel items (e.g. users, inputs, areas, doors, etc.) are stored in the panel
  • Fully backwards compatible with most Challenger V8 peripherals
  • Upgrade via remote flash firmware
  • Support for multiple end-of-line (EOL) resistor values for economical upgrade from other alarm systems.

“Tecom ChallengerLEPlus First Impressions Pre-Installation.”

Tecom Challenger LE First Impressions 1 LR
Tecom ChallengerLEPlus First Impressions.


John Adams
John Adamshttps://sen.news
A professional writer and editor who has been covering the security industry since 1991, John is passionate about clever applications of technology and the fusion of sensing and networking. A capable photographer John enjoys undertaking practical reviews of the latest electronic security systems.


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