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Bosch Security Systems Releases VMS, 6.0 Supports Third Party Devices

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Bosch Security Systems’ Bosch VMS 6.0 is a new, more open version of its digital video-management software.

Bosch VMS was originally designed as the optimal software for managing the full range of Bosch video hardware features. Version 6.0 now also offers seamless, end-to-end integration with selected third-party cameras and video-data storage systems, as well as other hardware and software solutions, for example, third-party video walls and third-party video analytics.

A complete list of supported, third-party camera models is available on the Bosch Security Systems website. Bosch VMS 6.0 customers can download camera updates free of charge, in order to integrate newly approved, third-party cameras. Customers planning a project can also take advantage of an additional service option, to integrate third-party cameras which have not yet been approved.
Bosch VMS 6.0 offers transparency and seamless integration, to provide customers with a powerful, new system solution.

Bosch VMS 6.0 scans for third-party cameras, automatically configuring motion and other key events; it also enables installers to configure the most important settings for third-party cameras from a single user interface, without the hassle of having to access the websites of other camera manufacturers.

Version 6.0 can also be integrated with other third-party products, to create a secure, end-to-end system. To facilitate integration, examples of successful integrations and detailed application notes for third-party hardware and software are provided on the Bosch Security Systems website.♦

Distributor: Bosch Security Systems 
Contact: 1300 1 BOSCH (26724)



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