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Virtuous Video Virtualization

THERE are a wide range of environments where any breakdown of the surveillance system can lead to substantial financial...

Disaster recover and fault tolerance

SOME manufacturers may claim that off-the-shelf computer products are as reliable as the best proprietary DVR solutions but this is...

Five Most Hyped It Security Threats Revealed

The 5 threats include:-- Internet Protocol (IP) telephony is unsafe -- Mobile malware will cause widespread damage --...

GE-DS-82 Ethernet Switch from UTC Fire Security

These GE-DS-82 units boast a high-performance wire-speed and switch architecture capable of providing non-blocking switch fabric and throughput as...

Ricoh VMSS Protects Hard Drive Losses

In environments where classified documents are copied, scanned or printed on a digital system, an image of that information...

Hikvision and Smartvue Develop Joint Camera-to-Cloud Solution

Hikvision has announced a collaboration with Smartvue Corporation, an enterprise cloud software company whose solutions combine cost-effective edge devices...

Secure security networks

A FUNCTIONAL security solution depends on a series of layers whether you’re dealing with physical or logical security issues. You need...

High performance

VIDEO surveillance is in the midst of a revolution that will change the nature of CCTV. But while there’s a...

Making connections

WHEN electronic security installers get involved in networked security solutions they’re going to find themselves facing a host of connectivity devices,...

Building a Cat-7 network

IF you need to handle video surveillance, video conferencing and VoIP without going to fibre the most practical and appropriate cabling...
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