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Information Technology

Australia First – Amazon Kuiper Satellite LEOsat Service

Amazon Satellite LEOsat Service—Amazon confirms that Australia will be one of the first countries to be offered access to...

New Raspberry Pi 5 Uses

Raspberry Pi 5 was recently announced and is now available for use. It has a significant increase in power...

Super Fast Internet G.Fast – An NBN Alternative

When the NBN spouts about their latest and greatest services soon coming to your area, and you've been waiting...

Scenes From SecTech Melbourne 2023

Scenes From SecTech Melbourne - You're Next, Perth - see slideshow below!Click on any image to enlarge.Click on...

What is an IP Address

What is an IP Address? IP (Internet Protocol) addresses are one of the most important and foundational building blocks...

Optus Outage Analysed

Optus Outage Analysed By SEN’s Network & Communications Engineer, Chris Olsen.Optus Outage Analysed - It's been reported by Matt...

Telstra Outage Affecting Mobile Network

Telstra Outage - Until late this afternoon, 19 March 2024, thousands of mobile network users were affected by a...

Singtel Considering Offloading Optus for $16B

Singtel Considering Offloading Optus for $A16B - Media recently reported that Singtel is in advanced talks with Brookfield in...

Free NBN Fibre Upgrade 2024

Free NBN Fibre Upgrade - You may be aware of the 2024 FREE Fibre upgrade the government has recently...

What is G.fast – A Technical Look

What is G.fast - G.fast is a new technology that can provide optic fibre quality internet services on copper...
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