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Price Hikes for Most Optus Postpaid Mobiles

Looking closely at these plans, there is some pretty good value to be had — especially for those of you on the move or if you use your mobile phone to hotspot.

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Price Hikes for Most Optus Postpaid Mobiles

Aligning with many other elements within the current economic climate, Optus has increased its post-paid mobile phone pricing for most users. Nonetheless, there are still quite a few good reasons to stick with Optus, especially for those of you who chew through tonnes of data.

Optus’s original post-paid plan structure consisted of 4 different plans that spanned across various price ranges that were shaped differently in a direct correlation to the cost.

To simplify the structure of their plans; they have now amalgamated these 4 tiers into 3.

Let’s take a look at the new prices and plans on offer.

Optus Small Choice Plus Plan50Gb Data + 5G + Unlimited National Calls & SMS$52
Optus Medium Choice Plus Plan180Gb Data + 5G + Unlimited National Calls & SMS$62
Optus Promo Plan500Gb Data + 5G + Unlimited National Calls & SMS$69
Opus Large Choice Plus Plan360Gb Data + 5G + Unlimited National Calls & SMS$82
For the Promo Plan and Large Choice, you will also receive $10-$20 credits towards other subscriptions. Price Hikes for Everything.


Looking closely at these plans, there is some pretty good value to be had — especially for those of you on the move or if you use your mobile phone to hotspot. The bandwidth is quite high and pretty much negates the need to have a home internet service if your household only has 1 or 2 users.

There’s also plenty of headroom if you’re running an industrial router or a 4G camera and there’s going to be loads of data. This is important for solar cameras and mobile cameras that aren’t supported by networks.

So I guess you could say that in return for the price increase of between $4- 10$ per month; Optus are giving us some decent and improved data bundles to boot.

Price Hikes
Price Hikes for Everything

Bonus Credits

Now, it is easy to forget about the perks that come with some telco plans – so its a good idea to keep these in mind when next you are flicking through Netflix of free-to-air looking for a movie to watch.

These are some ways in which the bonus credits can be used:

  • 5G — All plans also come with 5G access if it’s covered in your area. You’ll get unlimited data, with speeds capped at 1.5Mbps once you run out of your monthly data allowance.
  • Amazon Prime: It’s for both new and returning customers. You’ll save $29.97. Prime is completely worth it if you use Amazon for general purchases. The free shipping alone can add up to thousands of dollars.
  • Optus Sport: This will set you back $6.99 a month instead of the usual $24.99. This is good value for sports fans.
  • 10% off on subscriptions: If you add three or more eligible subscriptions to Optus Sub-Hub, you’ll be able to get up to a 10% discount each month. Including on BINGE, Netflix and Paramount Plus.

For those people who aren’t too much into the perks, the additional costs may seem like just another price hike among many others, but let’s think outside the square.

As you can purchase these plans SIM only; there is no reason why you can’t set up a Wi-Fi SIM modem and use the SIM card for home internet, downloaded, torrents and much more. Considering they are offering 5G with 500Gb; this can quite allow a smaller family to get rid of the home internet and use the SIM.

This is just one idea of how to take advantage of the additional data on offer. It may not be relevant to those people who just want to speak on the phone and carry a mobile phone; in which case, there are cheaper plans that can be sought.

It is also the case that Optus had not increased its prices last year, and they have generally been pretty good when it comes to network coverage; which is close to par with Telstra — even in rural areas.

As there are price hikes everywhere — it doesn’t hurt to keep a handle on what deals are, out in the market. Telstra is and always has been, the most expensive out of the lot; so if you are seeking an alternative, Optus is pretty good bang for your buck.

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