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From Little Things, Big Things Grow

Tecom ChallengerLEPlus control panel is a compact, cost-effective intrusion panel with many of the advanced features you would expect in a Tecom solution, including UltraSync connectivity.

With its small footprint, it allows installation in locations where space is at a premium, yet your customer needs a fully functional security solution with a limited number of devices.

Despite the small size, ChallengerLEPlus contains many of the advanced features you would expect in a Tecom solution. These include native Ethernet, mobile app support, C-Bus* integration, 3G and 4G expansion module support and management software connectivity. It also offers a secure, encrypted connection to your monitoring station via UltraSync, as well as a mobile app that gives you push notifications and the ability to manage and control your system from anywhere, at any time.

ChallengerLEPlus 2
An image showing the compact form factor of the ChallengerLEPlus controller in a standard enclosure. 

Complementing the family of Tecom control panels, the ChallengerLEPlus fits seamlessly into the Challenger ecosystem. Using the same peripherals, those familiar with the Tecom Challenger platform don’t need training meaning you can have a security installation up and running in no time.

The ChallengerLEPlus is a versatile product suitable for use in small, standalone or large networked systems. Small sites may also wish to use the Tecom Mobile app for basic site control. Large customers can elect to connect multiple ChallengerLEPlus panels into management software as an integrated system.

Features of Tecom ChallengerLEPlus

* UltraSync connectivity
* On-board Ethernet, USB and RS-232 with optional 3G/4G
expansion module for ultimate connectivity
* Flexible communications with simultaneous, redundant reporting to monitoring stations, third-party systems
* Small form factor
* Connect to the TecomPlus app for simple control, push notifications
* High-level integration to building automation (C-Bus)
* Full text descriptions of panel items (e.g. users, inputs, areas,
doors, etc.) are stored in the panel
* Fully backwards compatible with most Challenger V8 peripherals
* Upgrade via remote flash firmware
* Support for multiple end-of-line (EOL) resistor values for economical upgrade from other alarm systems.

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