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CCTV Mandatory for Clinton, Michigan, After Cameras Solve Crimes

Video surveillance systems will become mandatory from April 1 in the town of Clinton, Michigan, at liquor stores, hotels, banks, pharmacies, gas stations and other businesses with frequent calls to police.

The ordinance was organized by Clinton Township police Capt. Richard Merlee, who explained the idea for mandatory security cameras arose following the murders of 2 party store owners were solved with the help of surveillance video.

“I talked to a lot of businesses,” Merlee said. “They want to protect their property.”

Merlee told clickondetroit.com approximately 75 per cent of businesses impacted by the requirements are already in compliance. But not every shop in Clinton Township will have to deploy security cameras.

“We didn’t make this ordinance [to include] the florist, or the breakfast shop, or some little mom and pop business,” Merlee said.

Clinton Township is the state’s most-populated township, with more than 100,000 residents, and is the first township in the state to make cameras mandatory. Business owners will have 6 months to comply.♦

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