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CRK Reports Dahua Thermal Measurement System In Stock, Ready To Help

CRK reports it is using Dahua’s thermal measurement solution to help Australia get through COVID-19 and has supplies of the solution in stock.

According to CRK’s Phil Viggiano, Dahua’s thermal imaging technology is capable of fast and highly accurate, non-contact body temperature measurement +/-0.3C making it idea for detecting the elevated body temperatures that often occur with COVID-19 infection.

“The Dahua system provides rapid temperature screening in real time does not interrupt the flow of people into busy hospitals and medical clinics and more,” Viggiano said. “Competing products do not offer this level of accuracy, safety and efficiency.

Truman Zhang (left) with Phil Viggiano.

“Dahua has bent over backwards to offer training and get stock into the country – Dahua country general manager Truman Zhang has been of tremendous assistance with supply and training and we are greatly thankful for his help.

“We are deploying the TMS technology, in hospitals, factories and other major institutions and we get tremendous satisfaction knowing we are keeping businesses open, staff safe and helping to stop the spread of Covid-19,” Viggiano said.

“We have demo units set up in every C.R. Kennedy state office for anyone who wants to see the system first-hand and we have this product in stock!”



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