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Dahua ARD2231-W2 Wireless Dual-Tech

Dahua ARD2231-W2 Wireless Dual-Tech Detector.

Dahua ARD2231-W2 Wireless Dual-Tech Detector.

Dahua ARD2231-W2 Wireless Dual-Tech – Dahua Technology’s ARD2231-W2 Dual-Tech is a wireless detector sensor featuring a dual element PIR and a 24G microwave sensor with a detection range of 12 metres.

Dahua ARD2231-W2 is a full featured dual technology sensor with all the functions you’d expect, including pet immunity, auto temperature compensation with temperature display and 3-level sensitivity adjustment.

There’s frequency hopping, jamming detection and 2-way communication technology, as well as support for cloud update, which automatically restores when cloud updates fail.

Dahua ARD2231-W2 Wireless Dual-Tech

There’s white light filtration with resistance up to 2000 lux, pet tolerance, a maximum power consumption of 640mW and a CR123A battery giving 3 years of battery life. This is a compact sensor, with dimensions of 104 x 60 x 50mm, a weight of 184g and an operating temperature range of -10 to 55C degrees.

Installation height is 2.2 metres, detection angle is 90 degrees and range is 12 metres, with a detection speed of 0.3 m/s–3 m/s. Pet immunity is around 18kg in weight and 50cm in height.

Wireless comms are in the 433MHz spectrum with a maximum range of 12000 metres across open space, with comms protected by AES128 encryption and frequency hopping.

You can find out more about Dahua alarm products here or read more SEN news here.

Dahua ARD2231-W2 Wireless Dual-Tech Features

  • Pet immunity function
  • Auto temperature compensation
  • 3-level sensitivity adjustment
  • Displays the temperature of the surrounding environment and supports the overheating alarm
  • Frequency hopping and 2-way communication technology ensure that communication is stable
  • Supports cloud update and automatically restores when cloud update fails
  • PIR and microwave motion detection
  • Supports jamming detection and communication encryption.

“Dahua ARD2231-W2 Wireless Dual-Tech Detector.”

Dahua ARD2231 W2 Wireless Dual Tech LR
Dahua ARD2231-W2 Wireless Dual-Tech Detector – second from left.


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