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Dahua DHI-XVR5116HS Penta-brid DVR: First Impressions

Dahua’s DHI-XVR5116HS DVR is the 16-channel version of what Dahua calls penta-brid technology – the ability to support HDCVI, AHD, TVI, CVBS and IP cameras on every channel. The idea is to give a flexible solution with the simplicity and low cost of analogue. 

DAHUA’S penta-brid DHI-XVR5116HS DVR (henceforth know as the XVR), is a neat little unit for a 16-input with this sort of flexibility – probably the smallest 16-channel DVR I’ve seen. It’s light and very compact but feels quite well-made as the 36-month warranty attests. The whole idea of the XVR is to give installers who are using multiple video technologies in the same application a solution that will handle just about everything. 

How does the XVR perform? In terms of core functionality, it performs well. The entire idea of this little DVR is that it be simple to setup – as simple as analogue. The unit we’re testing arrived from distributor Seadan Security, along with CVI, HD CVI, TVI and analogue cameras. Negotiating the wiring loom is the most complex aspect of the business but once I’ve got each of the cameras connected using RG59 and power, which is shared across the single transformer in this application, the cameras simply appear on screen. 

That’s the end of the process – so it’s the same as an analogue installation. It all just works in that same old way across multiple technologies from multiple vendors. Read the full story in SEN’s February issue! ♦

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