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Dahua Partners With Beijing University To Create Intelligent Video Joint Laboratory

DAHUA has announced its cooperation with Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT) in building a ‘Joint Laboratory of Intelligent Video Systems Engineering’. 

Both parties will contribute their technological and business resources respectively, to drive technological innovation of intelligent video content in the civilian security field. The executive dean of the School of Computer Science at BUPT, Ma Huadong, and Yang Yinchang, general manager of the Dahua R&D Center, attended the ceremony and signed the agreement. 

BUPT is one of China’s foremost universities, and is well-regarded in scientific research and technology development. Key research areas include communication software, multimedia technology, Internet of Things, information security, artificial intelligence, and data mining. Being a leading provider of advanced video surveillance solutions, Dahua has made significant contributions in the advanced video surveillance field. In the last year, Dahua served in the Rio Olympic Games, G20 Summit, as well as other considerable domestic and international security projects. 

With Dahua and BUPT agreeing to commit to an initial 3-year term, the joint laboratory will be focusing on talent development, apprenticeship, academic exchange, overcoming key technological barriers, and development of industry standards. Dahua will fund the research activities of the joint laboratory and research results will be shared by Dahua and BUPT. ♦



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