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Dahua Upgrades WizMind With Enhanced AI

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Dahua Technology has upgraded its WizMind series, offering a comprehensive project-oriented product portfolio and flexible AI solutions for a wide range of industries.

Upgraded WizMind series boasts enhanced AI algorithms with expanded functions including human/vehicle video metadata, face recognition, privacy protection, wide area security, illegal parking detection, parking space management, object monitoring, etc, empowering vertical markets with an enhanced AI experience.

Adopting the latest AI chip and algorithms, the upgraded WizMind based on human applications integrates more advanced AI performance, including privacy protection 2.0, face recognition 2.0, human video metadata 2.0, wide area security 2.0, people counting, stereo analysis, etc. While providing early warning, precise target search, and other basic AI functions to achieve timely responses to incidents, it also supports intelligent analysis of customer flow, crowd density, target direction and other metadata to assist in business optimization and decision-making.

Based on a passerby database, face recognition 2.0 eliminates duplicated count of people appearing frequently in the scene within a certain time frame, driving more accurate customer traffic and frequency statistics for further business analysis. At the same time, it allows users to set up real-time notifications for VIPs or frequently appearing people in the scene to remind administrators to take corresponding measures. In addition, human video metadata 2.0 is now equipped with PPE detection and alarm to improve employee safety at construction sites and factories.

In order to strengthen user privacy protection, Privacy Protection 2.0 offers additional occlusion options (irregular polygons, mosaics, and coloured blocks) and supports code exporting based on specified targets, ensuring privacy safety of people and places.

Updated WizMind applications based on vehicles integrates ANPR, parking space management, vehicle metadata 2.0 and illegal parking detection technology to serve multiple vehicle-based scenes, including gas stations, building entrances and exits, parking lots, city roads, etc.

Powered by a deep learning algorithm, the Dahua parking space management technology can accurately detect and display parking status and number of available parking spaces to guide drivers, avoiding traffic congestion and improving parking experience. The updated illegal parking detection system supports overlaying a variety of information on the vehicle’s snapshot including license plate number, time and location, as well as other violation information, providing more complete evidence for investigation.

Dahua’s dual-PTZ system has the ability to cover a wider area and can capture detailed images of vehicles when traditional single camera views would be partially blocked. With combined ANPR technology and vehicle video metadata 2.0, users can capture violations, track illegal vehicles as well as collect statistics for business analysis.

A new feature of the upgraded WizMind, Dahua object monitoring technology utilizes deep learning algorithms to focus on object detection of up to 6 kinds of objects, including bags, boxes and other custom objects. It can effectively filter out false alarms caused by interference of light, animals, leaves and other irrelevant objects, so as to provide customers with accurate alarm information. Through the linkage alarm connected to the administrator, it can help passengers find their lost baggage and missing item in time, or detect a blockage at the fire exit, thus significantly reducing property loss and increasing safety level.

And Dahua thermal imaging technology adopts industry-leading thermal imaging sensor in combination with excellent image processing algorithm to deliver 24/7 long-range surveillance performance. Loaded with the company’s advanced AI capabilities, the Dahua thermal camera can accurately identify vehicles up to 20 km away and human targets up to 8km away. While offering high-contrast images, its AI-enabled intelligent analysis functions can effectively detect abnormal behaviours, achieve highly accurate alarms, and enhance the overall operating efficiency of security systems.

In addition, the outstanding hardware performance of the camera allows the device to withstand various conditions in a wide-range of application scenarios, making it an ideal choice for the perimeter protection of airports and borders, overheating detection of critical infrastructure, forest fire prevention, sea surface vessel detection, etc.

Dahua WizMind is fully compatible with most VMS and PSIM solutions, and a variety of alarm monitoring software. Together with Milestone, Qognify, Network Optix, Luxriot and other platforms, it delivers advanced features including face recognition, people counting, perimeter protection, and heat map. And Dahua DHOP allows third-party access to WizMind IPC and thermal cameras, enabling customization of camera functions based on customer needs. Dahua Technology also provides sufficient API, allowing integration with various systems of its technology partners.



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