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DirectConnect 4G, Fixed IP Remote Comms from SCSI

DIRECTCONNECT is a 4G, cellular, fixed IP address SIM card service, that allows you to remotely connect to your CCTV, access control, BMS, help points and other IP devices with a simple click of a button.

With 4G connectivity, running on a robust secure and private network, DirectConnect gives you the confidence to securely communicate to remote locations from anywhere, anytime.

“If you have a camera connected to an NVR, connected to a switch on a site, through DirectConnect users can connect to their sites via the web, or Android or iOS devices,” explains Ian Farrell of SCSI. 

“You don’t even need a switch – instead you have our 4G module with a SIM card in it connected directly to the NVR or camera. Bandwidth download speed is typically between 40 to 80 Mbps, whilst upload speeds generally exceeds 30 Mbps depending on where you are in relation to the tower, which is exceptionally fast. 

“DirectConnect is not for live streaming but for motion detection or to allow remote viewing when required. What you’d do it set the system up to send an alert on motion and then access video remotely to check the event. Real time video could be stored on an individual mobile camera or on a local NVR.” ♦

Distributor: Security Communication Solutions International
Contact: 1300 555 570


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