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Do Geophone Sensors Work on Fences?

Element gas line high and medium pressure. Yellow transport pipes on the surface of the fence. Regulatory supply system for natural compressed fuel. Access overlap valves and pressure sensors

SEN has written recently about geophone solutions being buried as an optimum solution. Given anything trenched is very expensive, would you say geophones can be applied on fences?

Geophones can be mounted in perimeter fences where they’ll detect anything that causes vibration of the fence including climbing, lifting, ramming and cutting. But applied this way geophones should not be used as the sole line of defence and depending on the security needs of the facility would need to be supplemented by CCTV and a response team or another perimeter detection technology.

Fence mounted geophones are noticeable to the professional intruder and can be circumvented, so they shouldn’t be used in high security applications. It’s also recommended that they not be used on common walls in shared offices or in retail outlets where the knocking of pipes or structural elements of the building will lead to false alarms. It’s also important not to use geophones anywhere near fence mounted gates whose openings and closings will flex the sensor. Avoid loose and poorly installed fences and trees located near fences.

The best use of geophones is to have them trenched and buried where they provide high security protection with low false alarm rates.




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