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Pelco Occupancy Counting Solution For VideoXpert

The Pelco Occupancy Counting Solution allows you to automate the counting of people entering and exiting your facility within VideoXpert by leveraging the AI-powered Pelco Advanced Analytics Suite embedded in Sarix Enhanced 3 and Spectra Enhanced 7 cameras.

The solution utilizes the existing People Counting Analytics feature in the Advanced Analytics Suite to provide a real-time occupancy count against user-defined occupancy limits. Plugin Features include:

* Dashboards to display occupancy counts in real-time
* Ability to set different occupancy limits for each area being monitored
* Alerts in VideoXpert when you reach or exceed occupancy limits
* Real-time counters to display on web-enabled devices in lobbies and other areas to notify employees and visitors if they can enter or if they must wait
* Reports on historical occupancy data for insights into high traffic areas and peak occupancy times.

You can find out more and explore downloads here.


SEN Tin 960 x 105


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