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Genetec Adds Off-Street Parking Enforcement to Security Center

GENETEC reports that the latest version of its AutoVu Free-Flow off-street parking management solution will now be offered within Genetec Security Center, the company’s unified security platform that combines video surveillance, access control and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR).

Free-Flow is designed to help increase parking enforcement efficiency by providing a real-time inventory of vehicles parked illegally in monitored parking lots, according to the company.

“Free-Flow provides parking officers a real-time view of how many vehicles are in parking lots across all their facilities, and how many are parked illegally. With these precise details of where and when violations are taking place, parking managers know where to dispatch officers to ensure higher compliance,” says Charles Pitman, product marketing manager at Genetec.

Now as a part of Security Center, parking managers will be able to monitor occupancy and violations across all their parking lots, directly from one location. Genetec Plan Manager provides an added interactive and graphical mapping application, allowing operators to visualize and manage environments.

With Plan Manager and Free-Flow in Security Center, parking lot owners will now be able to dynamically navigate and oversee a large number of properties via their installed ALPR and associated video surveillance cameras for real-time, correlative coverage, according to the company. ♦

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