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Highly Secure Training Lab Sought by Australia’s DoD

Australia’s Department of Defence has gone to tender for the supply of a highly secure, relocatable Joint Air Warfare Battle Laboratory (JAWBL) to be deployed as a reconfigurable computer-based training facility.

Due to the sensitive nature of the activities conducted on the operations floor of the JAWBL there are very specific physical security and audio isolation requirements that constrain materials and construction methods to be used.

According to the tender, the JAWBL consists of 3 major components. A relocatable Operations Floor containing reconfigurable spaces (nominally 2) for setting up computer workstations and a secure/separate area as a computer server room, including features which will allow Defence accreditation for physical, audio and network security.

Next, an outer envelope known as the Security Enclosure (nominally 1 metre clear of the walls and ceiling) that could be a separate building or shed co-located on a concrete slab. Finally, a concrete slab which is to be provided by the Commonwealth at a specified location. 

The JAWBL tender closes on June 2, 2016. ♦


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