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Hikvision and Cisco Meet on Cybersecurity Collaboration


Hikvision met with Cisco in Hangzhou to discuss ongoing cybersecurity collaboration. The meeting marked the successful completion of the first phase of a collaboration that began in December. 

Cisco is sharing its professional and sophisticated cybersecurity management experience and technologies with Hikvision, facilitating Hikvision’s globalization process.

During the recent meeting, Cisco cybersecurity experts reviewed results of first phase of the project and shared relevant experience and advice on the next step. At the same time, Cisco recognized Hikvision’s dedication to safe R&D management.

“Although the company’s cybersecurity best practices are industry-leading, cybersecurity efforts must be ongoing,” said Weiqi Wu, VP at Hikvision. “Going forward, Hikvision will continue to assess and improve its cybersecurity efforts in the R&D process, and strengthen its research on security technologies. 

“Hikvision is committed to the highest possible levels of cybersecurity. Hikvision will also continue to deepen its collaboration and communication with the world’s top-notch cybersecurity companies, such as Cisco, to further improve cybersecurity in the security industry.” ♦



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