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Hikvision Showing EasyIP, PanoVu, Blazer Express at SecTech Roadshow!

HIKVISION will present its latest IP products, including the EasyIP 3.0 range, as well as thermal cameras, PanoVu panoramic camera, explosion-proof cameras and Blazer Express NVR at SecTech Roadshow (register here!) 

The third generation of EasyIP provides image resolution of up to 8MP, accordingly, a series of 4K IP cameras with varifocal lens will be demonstrated at Hikvision’s SecTech booth. Empowered with Hikvision’s H.265+ in-house smart codec, user will have the peace of mind for its high-quality image transmission and storage, as the new encoding technology enables over 50 per cent reducing (compared to standard H.265) the amount of required bandwidth, storage and associated costs. 

The introduction of Hikvision thermal cameras and explosion-proof cameras allows us to provide high-level security solutions for critical surveillance applications. The Thermal cameras we are going to showcase will come with bullet and handheld styles. Integrated with self-developed thermal imaging module, Hikvision thermal cameras capture vivid, high-resolution video of moving objects at resolutions up to 640 x 512 pixels, unhindered by either darkness or inclement weather.

At SecTech, Hikvision explosion-proof cameras will feature a 4MP network bullet model and a 2MP PTZ engineered with Hikvision DarkFighter technology. The products utilize 316L stainless steel housings for maximum explosion resistance, and are IP68 water/dust ingress rated certified. Typical applications are for potentially hazardous or explosion risk areas, such as gas & oil processing and storage plants, chemical plants, industrial sites, or deep mines. 

Hikvision will also give live demonstrations of the Blazer Express all-in-one server solution, not only performing basic functions like recording, live view, playback, and alarm management, but also optional advanced functionality such as ANPR, POS integration, heat mapping, and people counting. ♦

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