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HMAS Stirling Seeks Security Systems


Department of Defence – DSRG is seeking security and personal safety services, and security and CCTV systems to secure Submarine Combat System Laboratory (SMCSL) operations at WA’s largest navy base.

The scope of works comprises of the expansion of existing Submarine Combat System Laboratory (SMCSL) operations in Building A0051 including SMCSL room, the Server room, the Sonar Processing Lab (SPL) room and the office room adjacent to the SMCSL room.

The refurbishment works will involve upgrading the existing services such as electrical and mechanical services, communication (ICT) and security systems to suit new functional requirements for the expanded SMCSL room.

Vice Admiral Michael Noonan, who served in WA-based ships, said since his time as a midshipman in the minesweeper HMAS Bunbury in 1986, and 9 years later as operations officer in the frigate HMAS Anzac, the base had changed significantly.

“Base infrastructure was still developing, and Fleet Base East (Sydney) was the premier naval base in Australia,” he said. “Fast forward to 2018 and the infrastructure and facilities here have grown enormously.

“The capability that is based in here in Western Australia is more potent and deployable than anywhere else, not only in Australia but in the entire southern hemisphere.

“As we look forward to what the Navy will look like in 20 years’ time; we will have 12 submarines, 3 air warfare destroyers, 12 new offshore patrol vessels, and the recently announced Hunter Class frigates.”

The tender closes on February 15.


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