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Innovative SaaS Retail Analytics from Addictive Technology uses MOBOTIX cameras

Harnessing the functionality of MOBOTIX cameras, Addictive Technology Solutions has developed a ground-breaking cloud-based retail business intelligence solution.

“What if you could offer your customers a sophisticated retail business intelligence solution, at a competitive price, branded as your own, with the simple click of a mouse?” asks Rob Marsden of Addictive Technology Solutions. “What if the solution came already configured, with ongoing maintenance and a guaranteed regular income for your business?

“IP security cameras are renowned for their exceptional image quality and decentralized technology. All image processing and analysis is carried out within the camera itself, so no servers are required and network load is kept to an absolute minimum. This makes installation easy and economical. Furthermore, thanks to intelligent hemispheric technology, fewer cameras are required and providing even more value for money.”

According to Marsden, MOBOTIX hemispheric camera models C25, Q25, P25, I25, M25, S15M come with MxAnalytics as standard. 

“This statistical behaviour analysis software allows the counting of objects within predefined corridors, with the most frequented areas highlighted on a heat map,” he said. “Addictive Technology Solutions have combined this with other data relating to the recorded events, to create a powerful customer insight and intelligence reporting platform in the cloud.” 

The following features are available:

– People Counting – How many people pass through an area, or enter and leave a store
– Heat maps – The number of people per hour in a certain area, plus the hottest and coldest parts of your store
– Point of Sale Integration – Integrates with most modern POS systems to cross-reference data, and analyse trends and spending patterns
– Alerts and notifications – Unexpected behaviour or overcrowding in certain areas of the store
– Weather analysis – track and analyse consumer behaviour against internal ambient temperatures and external weather conditions.

“This retail business intelligence solution, the first of many innovative products to be launched by Addictive Technology Solutions, will be available to purchase as SaaS (Software as a Service) at a reduced monthly price,” said Marsden. 

“It makes a perfect value-add to MOBOTIX camera installations, and can be charged to customers at a monthly fee, providing a recurring income opportunity for integrators. What really makes this product stand out though, is the white-labelling, allowing business owners to brand and market as their own.” ♦

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