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IQ Panel 2 From BGW Technologies

IQ Panel 2 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset and Google Android OS, and the backend is familiar and polished Alarm.com. The controller/user interface is slender, has a large 7-inch screen, high resolution of 1200 x 800 pixels and multi-gesture control. The user interface only displays options for attached devices and this streamlines system management.

This is a wireless system with 6 wireless paths, including 4G LTE cellular (global roaming SIM), dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 AC, encrypted security RF, Z-Wave Plus, Image Sensor and Bluetooth LE 4.0. Wireless means installation is flexible – you can locate the controller anywhere it suits your client. Because wireless communications are so important to the system, the user interface can display the quality of the wireless connection between device and panel in graphical forms.

The touchpad has a built in glassbreak sensor, built-in motion detection from the integrated 5MP camera capable of pairing with up to 5 devices, remote wireless firmware updates and a built-in router. There are 242 user codes, support for 119 Z-Wave Plus devices, support for 128 security devices using S-Line encrypted 319.5MHz, support for up to 80 locks, up to 6 thermostats, up to 6 garage doors and up to 10 outputs of your customer’s choice.

There are 2 hardwired zones, 8GB of flash memory onboard, a microSD slot, 2 x 1W speakers, stereo microphones, internal piezo siren, tamper switch, 3200aH Lithium polymer battery, wall or table mount, custom chimes, emergency/panic function, 4-day weather app, Bluetooth touchless disarming for 5 devices, photo frame function. There’s also voice support to assist installers with programming.

The heart of the system is the user interface, which gives you situational awareness of system status visually, as well as by voice and tone alerts. You can set up notifications to give granular reporting of any event that takes place in real time via the app, with reports arriving by cellular and Wi-Fi simultaneously. The app is another strong interface, giving full control, as well as a detailed event history. You can hop into status and see instantly the state of all system devices – name, status, battery, history.

Panel communication levels are exceptional, with visual and audio feedback at every turn. Even the arming countdown is displayed as an icon, leaving users in no doubt where they stand in relation to operational commands. Supporting ease of use are 14 separate video tutorials that show you how to handle every aspect of the system – lights, locks, weather, photo frame, system tests, camera, energy management and lots more.

The functionality is icon-based, and it’s layered. At the top are more general things like Z-Wave status, activity monitor, interface status, automation. You dip down through advanced settings to reach user management, system tests, panel re-boot, edit sensors, power down, sound and Bluetooth device management. You open the system page to access cellular, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Ethernet and internal storage and then tap each to access the detail underneath. In the case of cellular, the dropdown displays carrier, cellular connection, cellular signal strength, IMEI, etc.

Installing Z-Wave and security devices is simple, too. The sensor requests it be added to the sensor list and you simply OK this. The next page shows you the comms type – in this case it’s SecurityRF-433 – you can nominate sensor type, tweak delays, name the sensor, nominate chime types if applicable, enable voice prompts and more. Managing sensors is just as easy.

IQ Panel 2 incorporates a split system air conditioning control device. The way this works is that an IR repeater is located facing the system that is addressed directly by the user interface or app. It’s not just on/off, either. The device, which costs around $150, lets users control their air conditioning mode – heat, cool, or auto. The system communicates with the repeater via Z-Wave and the repeater communicates with the air conditioning system using IR.

As well as air conditioning, Qolsys IQ Panel 2 can manage smart light bulbs, light dimmers, as well as the Skybell wireless video intercom. This brushed stainless unit communicates events and video footage directly to the user interface, allowing homeowners to answer the door, communicate with the visitor via audio while confirming identity with video, then open the door to allow access. Skybell has integrated motion sensing along with a camera, microphone and speaker. Skybell can alert the home-owner to the presence of a person outside the front door, whether they press the doorbell or not, which is a nice safety feature.

The ability to drive wireless Yale bolt locks enhances the system’s capabilities considerably. These locks include an integrated backlit keypad, so they can be opened with a code and it’s possible to lock all locks in the system or unlock all locks simultaneously. The same applies to garage door closers, which work with any standard tilting door. Video is a key element of the user interface and it’s well provided for. Cameras are displayed in a list and you select one to see the camera view. Video of events is also available via the Alarm.com app where it’s saved and displayed in the form of a list.

Features of the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 include:

* 6 wireless paths including Z-Wave Plus, 4G LTE, encrypted security
* Panel has inbuilt camera, glassbreak & motion sensors, microphone, stereo speakers
* Supports 119 Z-Wave Plus devices & 128 security devices, 80 locks
* 2 hardwired zones, 8GB of flash memory onboard, a microSD slot
* Internal piezo siren, tamper switch, 3200aH Lithium polymer battery
* Bluetooth touchless disarming for 5 devices
* Supports Skybell video doorbell with motion sensing
* Remote wireless firmware updates, built-in router
* Alarm.com remote application and web browser
* Detailed system, comms and event reporting.


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