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London Metropolitan Police Unroll Talon Anti-Vehicle Nets

LONDON Metropolitan Police deployed new Talon anti-vehicle nets at a parade by active-duty sailors and naval veterans in near Whitehall recently.

Talon nets are designed to puncture and grip tyres by entangling the front wheels, bringing vehicles up to 17 tonnes to a rapid, straight-line stop. They are likely to become a feature of public events, being lightweight, mobile and inexpensive.

According to the Met, Talon nets can be deployed by 2 officers in less than 1 minute and can effectively stop vehicles larger than a London double-decker bus. 

"The speed and low manpower required for deployment means that the nets can be relocated very quickly if necessary," a police spokesman said. "The vehicle skids in a straight line, significantly reducing risk to crowds and producing a well-controlled stop after which officers can engage with the driver."

Metropolitan Police Chief Inspector Nick Staley said; “the equipment undoubtedly has the potential to save lives and is just one of a number of measures being taken to provide protection to crowds attending major events in London and reassuring businesses, workers and visitors as they go about their daily lives."

There have been multiple terror attacks carried out using vehicles over the past 18 months, including Nice, Barcelona, Berlin, Melbourne and multiple attacks in London. Alternatives to Talon are permanent bollards, large concrete blocks, water barriers and in some European countries, the closing off of roads using multiple pantechnicons.♦

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