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MCS to Launch CCTV Trailer with Tethered Drone

MOBILE Camera Security (MCS) will be the first mobile CCTV trailer provider to offer an integrated tethered drone solution with the new technology currently in development.

The addition of a tethered drone will allow users to receive continuous aerial monitoring without the need for swapping batteries or recharging the drone.

The new product will be a collaboration between MCS and its new sister brand, Dronejak. DroneJak specialises in tethered drone solutions including a rapid deployment system capable of powering a drone for up to four hours without external power.

MCS Director, Mark Swan, is excited to see the applications that will now be possible for different industries in Australia and globally.

“This will be a gamechanger for public safety in applications like surf lifesaving, traffic monitoring and major events as well as emergency situations,” Swan said.

“We can now fly a drone for hours or even days and monitor large areas from altitudes as high as 100 metres or more. This just hasn’t been possible in the past with previous technology,” he said. “With the addition of a PTZ 30x zoom camera and optional thermal camera this system will become indispensable for many industries.

“The next level up, available in March 2019, will allow for LIVE remote monitoring via 4G and can be streamed to 5 different users simultaneously via mobile or desktop devices. A 4G extension booster COT (cell on tether) will also be a possibility for areas with poor 4G reception.”

For more information contact Mark Swan on 0419 633 723 or email info@mobilecamerasecurity.com


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