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Milestone Releases XProtect 2017 R1

MILESTONE Systems has released XProtect 2017 R1, the first of 3 VMS product releases every year, in addition to bi-monthly device pack releases supporting third-party devices. 

This frequent release schedule will ensure Milestone’s rapid response to market and Milestone community needs. XProtect offers a recording server performance of 3.1 Gigabit/S. This high-performance level enables Milestone community partners to offer large solutions using a reduced number of servers, or even smaller servers. 

The processor-intensive task of decoding (rendering) video is offloaded to the dedicated graphics system (GPU) inside the processer, leaving the main processor free to take on other tasks. The GPU is optimized to handle computer graphics and video, meaning these tasks will be greatly accelerated. Using the technology in servers can save even more expensive computer muscle.

Hardware-accelerated video motion detection means twice as many cameras on the same server with the same CPU load, or up to a 90 per cent reduction in the CPU load with the same number of cameras on the server. This use of hardware acceleration lets mid to large-scale installations experience improved performance at a lower hardware cost.

Milestone’s 2-step verification is an industry-first security feature for XProtect 2017 R1. It is designed to prevent unauthorized access to the VMS when a password is compromised, as a code from the user’s mobile phone is needed to complete login. Keeping VMS systems isolated from the Internet is one important element when it comes to keeping a high security level. 

XProtect Smart Maps now include support for OpenStreetMap offline maps: This means that customers with offline installations can take advantage of improved situational awareness by using maps, without exposing their XProtect system to online threats. ♦

Distributor: Milestone Systems
Contact: 61 3 9016 7877



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