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More Power To Access Control

More Power To Access Control Solutions Takes Planning.

More Power To Access Control takes planning.

More Power To Access Control Solutions Takes Planning.

More Power To Access Control – When installing small access control systems it’s vital to ensure that there’s adequate provision for standby power.

Because every access-controlled door must fail safe – that is unlatched – in the event of power fail, backup power is vital to ensure the integrity of your site’s security seal.

Small single door or 2-door access systems standing alone are those most likely to lack necessary support during power outs. Depending on system size, requirements can be quite modest, well within the capacity of modern batteries to support such systems for many hours.

Battery support also needs to be carefully reconsidered if the system’s access control capability has been expanded with extra doors, or additional alarm inputs have been connected via expanders in the control cabinet.

More Power To Access Control

Vital here is being able to ascertain the actual current demand of the system including the drain of electric strikes, sensors and card readers, as well as the controller itself and any comms support systems – that might include a 4G communicator or a network switch.

Once current demand is established, select a battery able to offer at least 24-hour system support with a recharge time no greater than 8 hours.

If you’re lucky, you’ve bought a system whose engineers did the thinking for you and included backup power onboard but if not, that’s something you’ll need to think about. Worth bearing in mind is that all other things being equal, more time is always better with backup power.

You also want to make sure power loss is reported at the monitoring station and reported to the relevant customer contact as soon as possible.

You can read more about UPS for security applications here or read SEN news here.

“More Power To Access Control Solutions Takes Planning.”

More Power To Access Control 2
More Power To Access Control.



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